At Freedom Prep Charter Schools, we are taking steps to counter the things we believe are causing the national trend of teachers fleeing the calling of being an educator.

Over the past 12 years, we have created an academic environment where 100 percent of our high school graduates have been accepted to a four year college or university SIX years in a row!

We know our teachers join our movement to expand educational opportunities across the South with Civil Rights in mind and we want to take care of them so they can take care of themselves over the length of their career.

Here’s what we have planned:

SMALLER CLASSES: Next year, we will have an average of 20 students in Kindergarten-2nd Grade, 25 in 3rd Grade - 5th Grade, 24 in 6th Grade-10th Grade, and 21 in 11th Grade-12th Grade.

PLANNING TIME: ALL Kindergarten - 8th Grade teachers will have at least 60 minutes of planning time each day and our 9th - 12th teachers will have 60 minutes per course they teach.

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS: Each of our campuses will now have an adult wellness room with meditation areas, yoga areas, and rest areas for our adults to use during their planning and lunch times.

SHORTENED WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE: Our teachers will be done teaching at 1pm every Wednesday and our students will have a homework/study hall until 2pm. Our teachers will have Professional Development two weeks a month, a Wellness Wednesday (group yoga, meditation, etc.), and one Wednesday to leave campus at 1:15pm for “you” time.

ZERO DOLLAR PREMIUM BENEFITS: Employee only benefits are zero dollar and include health insurance, dental, vision, and holistic alternative offerings. Adding a spouse or children is at a lower cost than past offerings.

We know teaching, especially in the past three years, has been exhausting and unpredictable. Our hope is that we, as we learn to live with the COVID-19 peaks and valleys, can return some sense of normalcy for our amazing educators.

If you would like to be part of this amazing team, apply now. We are now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year.


Compensation & Benefits


A teacher at Freedom Prep who has a bachelor's degree will earn $175,568 more dollars in their annual salary over a 20 year career compared to their peers at a large district in the Memphis metro area.

A teacher who has a master's degree will earn $82,068 more dollars in their annual salary over a 20 year career compared to peers who hold a Master's degree at a large district in the Memphis metro area.

We prioritize higher teacher salaries knowing that our teachers are THE number one resource for our students to be prepared to excel in college and in life!

FPA Licensed Teacher Salary Scale (Years Teaching)

  • Year 1: $46,000
  • Year 2: $46,900
  • Year 3: $47,800
  • Year 4: $50,000
  • Year 5: $51,000
  • Year 6: $52,000
  • Year 7: $57,000
  • Year 8: $58,100
  • Year 9: $59,300
  • Year 10: $60,500
  • Year 11: $61,700
  • Year 12: $62,900
  • Year 13: $64,200
  • Year 14: $65,500
  • Year 15: $66,800
  • Year 16: $68,100
  • Year 17: $69,500
  • Year 18: $70,900
  • Year 19: $72,300
  • Year 20: $73,700
  • Year 21: $75,200


The medical, dental, and vision benefits have a zero dollar monthly premium for employee only plans and a lower than market cost for adding a spouse, child, or family to your plan.

Freedom Prep offers comprehensive health benefits for all full time employees through United Healthcare (medical) and Sunlife (Dental & Vision).These benefits include medical, dental, vision, and holistic alternative options such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

In addition we offer both a medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA), a dependent care FSA, life insurance, and a number of other add-on policies for you to choose from each year during open enrollment.


Freedom Prep is a member of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) teacher retirement pension and pays five percent of your salary to the pension each year.

A Freedom Prep teacher who teaches 30 years would have an annual pension of $33,840 or $2,820 per month (1.5% x $75,200 x 30 = $33,840 according to TCRS) for their retirement.

In addition, we also offer access to a full 403(b) account for retirement investments above and beyond the state pension.


Freedom Prep supports all teachers in the process of obtaining or maintaining their 6-year professional license with the Tennessee Department of Education.

We have a partnership with iTeach, an online licensure provider, as an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and Study 240 for ETS Praxis support. No matter where you are in your licensure journey, we can help you either get a license or keep your 6-year professional license current!


We know living through the last two years of the pandemic has caused a collective sense of loss and emotional wear and tear. Given this, we've committed the following to ensure we all take care of ourselves at Freedom Prep:

  • Installed Adult Wellness rooms at each campus that have essential oil diffusers, quiet meditation music, and places to meditate during your prep period, before school, or after school
  • Provided EAP (Employee Assistance Program) access to have free mental health therapy through our insurance program
  • Hiring one adult therapist per campus to provide one-on-one therapy as needed
  • Shifting our weekly "Professional Development Day" to have one day for group SEL activities per month (i.e., yoga, meditation, hikes, etc.) and one for all teachers to go home early to take care of things such as appointments or other things that may come up in life!

FPA Residency Program

If you are new to teaching, do not worry! We provide even more support while you earn your FREE Master’s in teaching and earn your teacher certification. Please email info@freedomprep.org for more information about our Residency Program.