One of the key differences between public charter schools and regular public schools is that we area governed by our own Board of Directors, rather than directly by the Shelby County School Board. (We also have accountability to Shelby County Schools, as they are the grantors of our public charter.) Our board reviews and votes on all major decisions, especially those financial in nature, and our Founder and CEO reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership Team

  • Roblin J. Webb, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Anika Baltimore, Chief Financial Officer
  • Tiffany Moore, Interim Chief Schools Officer
  • Johnecia Howard, Chief Operating Officer
  • Rhonda Myles, Chief Talent Officer 
  • Megan Stitzinger, Chief of Staff

Board Meetings

In accordance with state law and stipulations in the school’s charter, Freedom Prep Academy’s bi-monthly Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. Anyone may attend; giving notice to school staff or board members is not necessary. Meetings are held in person at 136 Webster Avenue (2nd floor).


Upcoming board meetings 

  • January 30 at 5:30 PM
  • June 4 at 5:30 PM
  • July 30 at 5:30 PM

136 Webster Ave
Memphis, TN 38126

Contact if you have any questions about the Board of Directors.

Board Resources