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  • Breakfast Outreach: Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program and The School Breakfast Program


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Freedom Prep Charter Schools ensure each campus has the following safety procedures in place each school year:
  • Comprehensive Plan: each campus has a tailored plan for their school that includes fire drill, earthquake drill, tornado drill, intruder drill, and other non-evacuative drills. All teachers have these drills posted directly outside their classroom doors for easy reference and access in case of an emergency.
  • CPR Trained Staff: each campus maintains a set of staff members trained to conduct CPR in the event of an emergency. These staff members are posted in each main office along with their annual certification.
  • School Safety Team: each campus maintains an active school safety team that meets regularly to assess drill efficacy and reviews the drill logs to ensure practice has taken place.
  • Transportation Supervisor and Policy: each campus maintains the transportation policy and network transportation supervisor in their main office.