Located directly West of Elvis Presley Blvd. on Brownlee Road, Freedom Prep High School serves grades 9th-12th. Programmatically, Freedom Prep High School offers a rigorous course catalog focused on the liberal arts, humanities, math, and science, culminating with a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that allow students to earn college credits while in high school. Coupled with our rigorous academics, we also offer a world class athletic program for all genders including football, basketball (boys and girls), rugby (boys and girls), co-ed cheerleading, track & field (boys and girls), and co-ed soccer.



We are incredibly proud of our high school team for their course catalog they have built to ensure our graduating seniors have the opportunity to leave with 30 college credits complete. This will allow our graduating seniors to enter college as sophomores! This will save our students from having to take introductory, general education classes in college. This will also save our students money in college. Each college credit hour at the University of Memphis and University of Tennessee costs $418. If a student earns 30 credit hours, they will save $12,540 in college tuition!

9th Grade

  • English I or English I Honors
  • Algebra I or Algebra I Honors
  • Biology or Biology Honors
  • African American History or African American History Honors
  • Physical Education (Semester 1 or 2) & Creative Writing (Semester 1 or 2)
  • Spanish I or Spanish I Honors
  • CHOOSE TWO: Visual Arts I (Semester 1 or 2), Theater (Semester 1 or 2), Vocal Music (Semester 1 or 2), Dance or Instrumental Music (Semester 1 or 2)

10th Grade

  • English II or English II Honors
  • Geometry or Geometry Honors (open to 9th graders with Algebra I credit)
  • Chemistry or Chemistry Honors
  • World History or World History Honors
  • Lifetime Wellness
  • Spanish II, Spanish II Honors, or Heritage Spanish for Native Speakers (open to 9th)
  • CHOOSE TWO: Visual Arts II (Semester 1 or 2), Theater (Semester 1 or 2), Vocal Music (Semester 1 or 2), Dance or Instrumental Music (Semester 1 or 2)

11th Grade

  • English III or English III Honors
  • Algebra II or Algebra II Honors
  • Physics or Physics Honors
  • US History or US History Honors
  • Spanish III or Spanish III Honors

12th Grade

  • English IV or English IV Honors
  • Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Bridge Math
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • US Government & Contemporary Issues

11th & 12th Grade Electives Offerings

  • Geography
  • ACT Prep
  • Personal Finance (Semester 1) & Economics (Semester 2)
  • College Counseling (Semester 1) & Study Hall (Semester 2)
  • Chorale (full year), Visual Arts (full year), Instrumental Music (full year), Theater/Drama (full year)
  • Physical Education (full year)

Advanced Placement Class Offerings

  • AP Seminar (11th Grade) - Two Sections
  • AP English Literature (11th & 12th Grade) - One Section
  • AP Spanish Language (11th & 12th Grade) - One Section
  • AP Physics (11th Grade) - One Section
  • AP US History (11th Grade) - Two Sections
  • AP Calculus (12th Grade) - One Section
  • AP Visual Arts (11th & 12th Grade) - One Section
  • AP Research (12th Grade) - One Section



A hallmark of the Freedom Prep program is exposure to the arts, history, culture, and colleges in Memphis, the state of Tennessee, the mid-South, and around the United States.

Each quarter, our students will engage in a Freedom Lesson. While these may be called "field trips" at other schools, these off campus events are educationally-focused, empowering, and rooted in our students maximizing their learning opportunities.

DATES FOR 2022-23

  • Quarter One: September 9
  • Quarter Two: November 5
  • Quarter Three: February 4
  • Quarter Four: May 12 




HEAD OF SCHOOL: Kyle Kucharski ( - click to email)

DISTRICT: Shelby County Schools

ENROLLMENT: 502 (9th - 12th)



ADDRESS: 817 Brownlee Road Memphis, TN 38116

PHONE NUMBER: (901) 538-9500 ext. 5

EMAIL CONTACT: (click to email)