Here’s what parents and Community Partners are saying about Freedom Prep!

“Freedom Prep is the best school! My daughter has learned so much!”
-T. Macias (FPA Mother)
“My daughter had been at FPA Westwood (Campus). This is her second year! We love their Strive for Each Student program. Best School Ever!!!!”
- Wendy B. (FPA Mother)
“I transferred my 6th grader to the Millbranch location about two weeks ago from (another school). BEST decision I could have EVER made. My son comes home every day with the best spirit and stories to tell about what he has learned. I love that the children are engaged and bullying doesn’t seem to be an issue. If I decide to keep my children in public school instead of homeschooling, they will definitely be attending Freedom Prep until they graduate 12th grade.”
- J. Swan (FPA Mother)
“The students and staff are phenomenal. The students inspired me by being so driven and serious about their careers and future. Amazing future leaders!!!”
- K. Adams (FPA Community Partner)
“When our elementary school no longer had 6th graders we had to scramble to find a school for my daughter. We looked around and we stumbled upon Freedom Prep. I want everyone to know I made a mistake - we didn't stumble, God sent us to Freedom Prep! Everything I wanted and my child needed was right here. The staff - second to none and the journey is not over. Thank you! I can't wait to see what's next!”
- G. Walls (FPA Father)
“Very enlightening school with creative way of learning. The teachers really go out of their way for the students and have a great passion for teaching. I applaud the staff and wish them best success toward all their goals and achievements. My son’s confidence has really grown, as well as knowledge since attending this school.”
- L. Crawford (FPA Mother)

"I just had the chance today to interview [one of your students] from your class of 2017 for a position at my company. I must say, [he] was impressive. When we talked about the things in life he considered important, he went on a roll talking about respect, responsibility, excellence, integrity and community and how he learned all of that at Freedom Prep Academy.

I will tell you for sure, from an employer's perspective, hearing a young kid talk like that is profoundly impactful. Technical skills can be acquired with training - but character has to be developed and nurtured. It seems that Freedom Prep is doing just that. I really just wanted to drop a note to the school to say, "great job!"

I just submitted a donation of $540 simply because of what I saw in my interview with [your student]. Keep up the great work!"

- W. Culbreth (Memphis Citizen)
“Freedom Prep Rocks!!!! My daughter and niece go. I'm glad we made this decision!!!! Both of my girls are reaching for the stars. Great Job Freedom Prep!!!”
- K. Moses (FPA Mother and Aunt)
“I am a firm believer that FPA prepares their students to excel in college, life and the professional world. This is a number one college preparatory school. FPA is very structured. The students always reflect respect, community, responsibility and integrity.”
- J. Banks (FPA Mother)
“I love that my daughter goes there because it's an excellent school. Na'Kya has excelled in Math, English, Spanish, and Reading.”
- S. Barber (FPA Mother)