Here’s what FPA Employees and Staff are saying about Freedom Prep!

“Joining the Freedom Prep team has been everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I was skeptical coming in because all charter organizations talk a big game, but many don't back it up with their actions and results. Freedom Prep is the real deal. I genuinely look forward to going to work every day. I'm surrounded by insanely smart, driven, and caring people who are 100% bought in to our mission of preparing ALL students in grades pre-k through 12 to excel in college and in life. Freedom Prep schools are consistently among the top performing schools in Tennessee. What's more, this organization really takes care of its people.” - Dean of Academics

"Very committed to mission, evident in all decisions made. Leaders at all levels willing to learn and there's a fair amount of transparency around decisions. It's clear that everyone wants what's best for kids." - Teacher

"Great place to work if you are dedicated to the educational movement. The staff is very close and they are willing to help in any way possible. The leadership is about developing and growing all of their teachers into leaders. This organization is making sure that ALL students in grades K-12 will excel in college and in life." - Teacher

"+ Supporting brilliant Black leaders in schools that seek radical social change + Close relationships with co-workers, students, and families + Opportunities to take initiative and grow professionally + Increasing focus on intellectual rigor in the curriculum" - Teacher

About our Team


  • 81% of our staff members identify as Black or of African Descent (202 staff members)
  • 7% of our staff members identify as Latinx (17 staff members)
  • 2% of our staff members identify as Asian American (5 staff members)
  • 86% of our school leadership team members identify as Black or of African Descent (24 leaders of 28 total)
  • 70% of our team members were with us in the 2020-21 school year


  • 38% of our teachers and leaders graduated from a traditional teacher preparation program (65 educators)
  • 29% of our teachers and leaders graduated from the Relay Graduate School of Education (50 educators)
  • 17% of our teachers and leaders graduated from an alternative teacher preparation program (31 educators)
  • 15% of our teachers and leaders completed the Teach for America program (25 educators)

Recognizing our Longest Serving Team Members

9 Years of Service
Martin Dunbar, Brittney C (9) Years
Jean-Louis, Natasha Allison (9) Years
Jones, Elyse M (9) Years
Williams, Keith C (9) Years
Charbonnet, Stephanie D (9 Years)

8 Years of Service
Hodges Johnson, Kristle D (8 Years)
Quartarone, Christina R (8 Years)
Black, Torian W (8 Years)
Quick, Megan P (8 Years)

7 Years of Service
Cook, Cortney (7 Years)
Miles, Tyra Lynn (7 Years)
Stewart, Temica M (7 Years)
Melton-Brown, Camile A (7 Years)
Ingram, Auna Danielle (7 Years)
Morgan, Jenna Christine (7 Years)
Clay-Ewing, Jamaica C (7 Years)
Gaston Jackson, Breyounga S (7 Years)
Kucharski, Kyle J (7 Years)
Clark, Lershone Denise (7 Years)

6 Years of Service
Davis, Jenice N (6 Years)
Ratts, Andrew A (6 Years)
Thompson, Larry O (6 Years)
Wilson, Courtney M (6 Years)
Grady, Kyle R (6 Years)
Somerville, Staci D (6 Years)
Brady, Carol L (6 Years)
Johnson, Shanda M (6 Years)
Kim, Sarah S (6 Years)
Webber, Melody L (6 Years)
Cook, Jerald (6 Years)
Styles, Xavier Q (6 Years)

5 Years of Service
Walker, Danielle (5 Years)
Mason, Bryanna T (5 Years)
Tartera, Melody C (5 Years)
Yates, Vellisa R (5 Years)
Harris, Maurielle I (5 Years)
Heck-Howard, Savannah R (5 Years)
Phillips, Marcus C (5 Years)
Ramey, Jessica R (5 Years)
Morgan, Shayla J (5 Years)
Emelue, Chidimma (5 Years)

Bullock, Robert E (5 Years)
Abeles, Emily E (5 Years)
Bienvenu, Madison L (5 Years)
Shultz, Christine L (5 Years)
Norphlet, Treston K (5 Years)
Howard, Jasmine (5 Years)
Hightower, Tracey M (5 Years)
Mentuhotep Harrison, Efia I. (5 Years)
Clark, Niesha Y (5 Years)