We know that the only way our students will make it to and through college is through the collaboration of the village of teachers, parents, community partners and students. Thankfully, we have a Parent organization that rallies the troops

PTSO (our version of the PTA) is our Parents, Teachers and Staff Organization. It is through this organization that parents have a voice, share feedback for improvement, and support our students learning and growth. From fundraising to running concessions at football games to attending math and literacy nights, Freedom Prep parents are involved!

In addition to giving parents a voice, and supporting our students, the PTSO
celebrates our parents, guardians, grandparents and anyone else committed to helping our students succeed. We have held Grandparents’ Day celebrations, end of the year cookouts and more. We love to dance, let our hair down and have FUN while supporting our students!

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We are accepting new student applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

Families can arrange a tour of any of our campuses by calling the office at each respective school.

Tours are both for the parents/guardians and for the students.


Join our fight to get every child into college