Inquiries, including photography requests, should be emailed to You may also contact the Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications, Candace Ashir Gray, via phone at 901.828.4751.

Media & Photography Policy

Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools support media, photography and other quests that connect directly to the educational mission of the school.

Please keep in mind:

  • Any media or photography requests should be direct to the Director of Marketing & Communications for approval
  • If approved, a media representative or photographer interested in visiting any of our campuses should expect to be accompanied by a member of the network office.
  • Freedom Prep Academy photographs its students, employees and visitors to campus regularly. We use these images on our website and social media pages, fundraising materials, advertisements and student publications. Freedom Prep Academy reserves the right to reproduce these images. By studying, working or visiting Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools, an individual acknowledges this right to the Network.
  • Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools do not release information about images of its students without permission and has no liability for photographs used without permission.
We are accepting new student applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

Families can arrange a tour of any of our campuses by calling the office at each respective school.

Tours are both for the parents/guardians and for the students.


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